CMI Composites

Para-aramid Paper Honeycomb is manufactured by CHINESE para-aramid paper. The mechanical properties are much better than Meta-aramid Honeycomb in the same spec. Para-aramid Paper Honeycomb is lately used in aerospace, special vehicle, etc.

Meta-aramid Honeycomb is manufactured from meta-aramid paper. It is light-weight but with high strength. It is flame resistant, corrosion resistance, electrical insulating and anti-fatigue, etc. Meta-aramid Honeycomb is widely used for applications in aerospace, train, racing boat, vessel, antenna cover and more.

AC-PFH phenolic foam honeycomb is made of phenolic foam filled in AC series honeycomb core, has excellent heat insulation and noise reduction performance and it also improves the cores resistance to compressive and shear loads in service. AC-PFH phenolic foam honeycomb can be used in in areas such as aerospace and rail vehicle.

AC-PH plant honeycomb is made of eco-friendly plant fiber paper reinforced special honeycomb which is dipped with resins. AC-PH is made of environmental-friendly plant fiber paper by advanced production equipment for aramid honey-comb core. It has perfect mechanical properties with better price. AC-PH is light weight with high strength, waterproof and fire-resistant. It can be applied in many areas, such as planes, vehicles and cars.

AC-HCP Honeycomb Composite Panel is a sandwich panel with facings of various fabrics or tapes of carbon fiber, glass fiber, aramid fiber reinforced phenolic or epoxy bonded to AC series honeycomb core. It is high strength to weigh ratio, corrosion resistant, good flame resistant and impact, low smoke emission, etc.