Epoxy and Resins

Low viscosity, particularly suitable for vacuum infusion process and no fillers needed. Halogen-free, environmental friendly and effluent toxicity test certified. High strength and toughness, suburb wetting quality.

Prepeg epoxy resins, non-solvent epoxy resins, high operability and adhesion. Long pot life, thermoforming with low heat release. Excellent physical strength, mainly used in carbon and glass fibers prepreg textiles.

Good wetting quality to glass and carbon fibers. The affection to the mixed viscosity by the temperature change can be minimized through the choice of different resins (Winter and Summer). Flexible pot life, choice of the pot life from 1h-4h according to the hardeners. Hand lay-up resins get over 60% curing degree in 24 h, capable of being polished and loaded.

Suitable for high-performance composite pultrusion process, maximum heat-resistance to 230 degrees celsius. Excellent suitability for all kinds of fibers. Superb pultrusion speed, maximum up to 100cm/min or more. Smooth product surface without adding any powders. Mainly used in high performance composite cable core, carbon-fiber medical rods, threaded bolts, embedded bolt set in turbine blade, sucker rodpultrusion panels, sheets and profiles and other epoxy pultrusion fields.

Suitable for all kinds of glass and carbon fibers in filament winding process. Transparent, not easy to turn yellow. Gradient thermal class meets all kinds of requirements for filament winding products. Good toughness and strength ensure the comprehensive product performance. Long pot life at room temperature ensures stable viscosity during operation; being cured immediately at high temperature effectively avoids filament winding cavity. Mainly used in CNG winded tanks, GRE high pressure pipes, high-performance winded composites such as poles and cartridges.

Suitable for high-technology fields such as high-performance wind turbine blades, aero and automobile engineering, medical equipment and national defense. Moderate viscosity and superb pot life. Excellent fiber suitability and mechanical properties ensure the product stability. Supreme qualities, particularly used in some high-end industries.

Suitable for vacuum, RTM processes, low viscosity and cured at room temperature. Better wetting quality to glass and carbon fibers, mainly used in vacuum infusion field such as maritime, automobile body, cabinet and violin case.